6 reasons we’re so excited about our new pop-up shop

It’s an exciting time. After selling at countless markets over the last year – from Dublin City Centre to Bray, Blackrock and further afield – we’ve finally gotten the opportunity to open our very own Tales for Tadpoles pop-up shop in Dun Laoghaire, where we’ll be open from August 5 to August 16. We may only be there for a short while but we still couldn’t be more excited, and here are 6 genuine reasons why...

Tales for Tadpoles pop-up shopA poster for our pop-up shop, designed by the brilliant UNIT studios.

1. We get to meet our customers

There are few things as rewarding as meeting others who share a common passion. Because we love illustration so much, having the opportunity to meet and say ‘hi’ to others who feel the same way is something we’re really looking forward to. It gives us a chance to chat about our products, answer any questions, offer suggestions, and maybe even swap recommendations.

2. We can put beautiful new stock on display

Because we’ve got our own space, we’ll also have more room to display lots of items that we haven’t been able to show at markets before (such as gorgeous illustrated cushions, tea sets and candle holders). It’s one thing to see products online and quite another to be able to pick them up and inspect them for yourself. What’s more, we’ll also be displaying a selection of products that you can’t even find on our website!

3. We get to put our own stamp on the space

We love selling at markets with bustling atmospheres, great camaraderie, and a steady flow of people from all walks of life. But one of the only things we’re not so fond of is the lack of space. Trying to create a vibrant display that truly stands out from the crowd when you’re confined to a small area can be tough going, particularly since you’ve got to pack up everything you’ve brought at the end of each day, meaning your entire display must be small enough to remain mobile. Thankfully there’s so much more freedom with a pop-up shop, and we plan on using it to create as pleasant, impressive and welcoming a space as we possibly can.

4. We really enjoy seeing your positive reactions to products

Works such as Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden by Tove Jansson often puts a smile on our customers' faces!

The best part about putting our products on display is that we get to enjoy the moment customers connect with a particular product or illustration. Sometimes it may be down to a sense of nostalgia and other times it might be because certain images express and speak to some part of a person’s personality – be it playful, complex, witty or wistful. If it makes you happy, then it makes us happy.

5. We can try out new items and ideas to learn more about the things you like

Our goal is to always provide the very best in story-inspired illustration, but naturally this involves some trial and error. Having our own dedicated pop-up shop will allow us to see exactly what items and illustrations you like best so we can continue to refine and grow our stock so it appeals more than ever.

6. Location, location, location

The beautiful Dun Laoghaire pier.

Just a short trip from the city centre by car, bus or DART, Dun Laoghaire is a something of a hidden gem. With a promenade boasting spectacular sea views and a pier you can dreamily stroll along while boat sails tinkle in the breeze, Dun Laoghaire offers a welcome reprieve from the bustle of the city. And not far from the aforementioned pier is the delightful People’s Park (which, incidentally, is right next to our pop-up shop!), where food lovers descend every weekend to sample the delights and delicacies of the Sunday Market. As if you needed another reason to come see us!



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