Introducing... The New Baby Wonderbox!

Introducing... The New Baby Wonderbox!
Last year we were very excited to launch our new Wonderbox subscription service, which has so far been a great success! Well, we have another exciting announcement… we are now offering Wonderboxes specially tailored for new babies!


Welcoming a baby into the world is such a special experience which has been made extremely difficult by the pandemic. We know lots of parents out there haven’t been able to introduce their new babies to their friends and family and with so much uncertainty going on it’s hard to say when we will all be able to visit each other again. But, with our New Baby Wonderbox subscription, you or someone you love can have their spirits lifted by receiving a lovely surprise direct to their door, four lovely surprises in fact!

Wonderbox: New Baby 

In our New Baby edition of the Wonderbox you have a choice between two exclusive prints by Dublin based artists Jenni Kilgallon and Lauren O'Hara.
With her signature fairy-tale style, Jenni’s piece celebrates the magical feelings of suspense and excitement that come with the arrival of a baby.
Lauren’s piece, with its dreamy colour pallet, is inspired by the special bond between a loving parent and their child.


Created exclusively for Tales for Tadpoles, these prints are beautiful works of art for a baby to grow up with.  Whichever you choose, each beautiful print will then be followed in the coming months by three more packages. Each of these will contain a variety of books and gifts chosen specifically to suit a baby as he or she grows throughout the year.

If you or anyone you know is expecting or has just had a baby these Wonderboxes are literally the gifts that keep on giving. Here are some examples of beautiful gifts the recipient may receive:

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

If there’s one book we would always recommend for new babies, it would have to be the bestselling The Wonderful Things You Will Be. In this beautiful poem Emily Winfield Martin expresses the hopes and dreams, acceptance and love parents have for their children. Exploring ideas of bravery and creativity, parents will love reading this book with very young babies and older children as they consider all the possibilities that lie ahead.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be Growth Chart 

Emily Winfield Martin’s The Wonderful Thing You Will Be is hugely popular as a gift for newborn babies, and with this growth chart you can enjoy all the beauty of her illustrations in your home while also documenting the growth of your child. With an elastic closure that can be used to hang the eight page chart on the wall, this growth chart not only makes a beautiful addition to any child’s bedroom, it can also be kept for years after as a reminder of how much your child has grown (and how small they used to be!).

Winnie the Pooh Prints by E. H. Shepard

We offer an extensive selection of prints suitable for a new baby, but the ones featuring the iconic Winnie the Pooh and his friends are the most popular. Prints like these make terrific gifts for new babies as they can be hung up in the child’s room and enjoyed for years to come.

Winnie the Pooh Teddy Bear 

Another great way to introduce very young children to A. A. Milne’s classic books is through the clever use of cuddly toys. What better teddy bear is there than the lovable Winnie the Pooh?! We have a great selection of soft toys including many of the characters from the Hundred Acre Wood, including Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore.

Peter Rabbit Booties 

If there’s one other favourite character all new babies ought to meet, it’s got to be Peter Rabbit. These booties are super soft and have a little rattle in each toe, perfect for tiny wriggling feet! 


Murraymaker Peter Rabbit Cushion 

With this gorgeous cushion made by Irish textile designer Keelin Murray, your little one can cuddle up to Beatrix Potter’s beloved Flopsy Bunny.
We have tons of cushions featuring loads of children's book characters that can add a splash of colour and fun to a nursery, child's bedroom, playroom or family room. Cushions like this one make great gifts for new babies and will last a long time.

Beatrix Potter Porcelain Mugs 



When it comes to christening gifts, these Beatrix Potter porcelain mugs are really something special. With a choice between the delightful Jemima Puddle Duck or the beloved Peter Rabbit, these mugs are beautiful and functional as they are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Although they are fully functional and can be used, these mugs can also be kept as collectible items that the child can cherish for a very long time.


The Little Prince Musical Jewellery Box 


Music boxes are such a classic gift for children and babies, and we have a selection of really gorgeous musical jewellery boxes available. This Little Prince musical jewellery box would be a lovely gift for a child or even a baby as a way of introducing them to the charming character of The Little Prince. Inside the box is a mirror and a figure of the Little Prince which twirls around to Mozart's Eine Klein Nachtmusik when you wind him up.


Guess How Much I Love You Snuggle Book 

With this snuggle book you get the best of both worlds as it’s a cuddly toy and a beloved story all in one. This snuggly cloth book features three double page spreads from Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram’s much-loved Guess How Much I Love You. The silky-soft plush and heart-warming sentiment behind this snuggle book make it an ideal gift for newborns or very young babies. 


Coming Soon... Guess How Much I Love You Building Blocks 

We have good news for fans of Guess How Much I Love You… we have brand new products coming in to us very soon.
With this set of wooden building blocks little ones can get creative as they build all sorts of shape and towers. Including 40 pieces including the well-loved Big and Little Nut Brown Hares, these Guess How Much I Love You Building Blocks make a great gift that small children will enjoy playing with over and over again.


These books and gifts are just a few of the wonderful gifts you might expect to find in our New Baby Wonderboxes. If someone you know has had a new baby, our subscription boxes make lovely, unique gifts that keep you connected. And if you have had a new baby yourself you and your family deserve to treat yourselves to a few very special surprise gifts!


If you have any questions or specifications for any of our Wonderboxes please let us know...we're only too happy to oblige!





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