Quiz: Who Is Your Dad in Children's Literature?

Quiz: Who Is Your Dad in Children's Literature?

Father's Day is coming up this weekend and it's a perfect time to celebrate some of the greatest father figures in children's books. There's the strong silent types like Miffy the rabbit's Dad, and authoritative Old Mr. Bouncer Bunny in The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

Miffy Father's Day card
Miffy Father's Day card


Then there's the Dads who love to regale us with tales of their youth, like Tove Jansson's Moominpappa, and the energetic, playful fathers like Fantastic Mr. Fox.  

Father's Day by Shirley Hughes


Take our fun quiz to find out who your Dad most resembles in children's literature, and find him the perfect gift to match his personality. 


Which of these sounds most like your family?

A. Untraditional or chosen family. Your Dad raised you on his own, or the person who felt most like a Dad to you is a guardian, mentor, Granddad or Step-Dad.

Quentin Blake Print: The B.F.G.
B.F.G. print


B. A big brood. Your family is huge, and you were raised with your cousins and neighbours, too.


Tove Jansson: Finn Family Moomintroll


C. Nuclear family. You grew up in a family home with two parents and a couple of siblings. 

D. Moved around a bit. You have a family unit, but you moved around as a kid and the family went through a few changes. 


You're on a day out with your Dad at a theme park and you come to a big rollercoaster. What does he do?

A. He gets a bit anxious about whether it's safe, but he trusts you know best and lets you go on the ride.

B. He watches from the sidelines on a comfortable lounger with a nice drink. But not before making you listen to a story about all the huge rollercoasters he went on in his youth.


Moominpappa Father's Day card
Moominpappa Father's Day card


C. He comes on the rollercoaster with you and pays for a photo, which he promptly frames when you get home.

D. He strikes up a conversation with the ride operator, gets the whole family onboard for free, and enjoys it more than the kids.


The cupboards are bare and the shops are closed, what does your Dad do about dinner?

A. He digs out a not-very-appetising looking vegetable from the bottom of the fridge and makes a whole dish out of it. 

Quentin Blake Print: Roald Dahl's B.F.G. and snozzcumber
B.F.G. snozzcumber print by Quentin Blake


B. He gets a bit flustered and waits until your mother gets home.

C. He rounds up the whole family and brings you to a local restaurant, which ends up being a really fun evening.

Fantastic Mr. Fox print by Quentin Blake
Fantastic Mr. Fox print


D. He tells you to sit tight while he heads out to look for provisions, and mysteriously arrives home soon afterwards with a bountiful supply of delicious food.


You're graduating and your Dad comes to watch the ceremony, how does he behave?

A. He sniffles loudly and waves proudly, not realising that his head is blocking the view for everyone else. 

B. He gives you a rousing speech about how life is full of possibilities and the world is your oyster.

C. He sits in the audience with your siblings and your Mam, taking photos for the family album.

D. He spends the reception chatting, laughing and striking up business deals with all the other Dads. 


Quentin Blake Print: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Fantastic Mr. Fox print by Quentin Blake 



What are your best childhood memories with your Dad?

A. Times when he really believed in you and helped you achieve great things.

B. Camping holidays, BBQs and outdoor adventures

Moominpappa Beach print
Moominpappa beach print


C. Simple days out at the park or the beach, and sitting on his knee reading books at home.


Father's Day by Shirley Hughes
From Father's Day by Shirley Hughes


D. Times when he moved heaven and earth to get you something you really wanted.


Mostly A: The B.F.G.

Your Dad is the B.F.G! Your family might be a little bit different; maybe the father figure in your life is an uncle, a mentor or a lifelong friend. He is fiercely protective of you, just like the B.F.G. is of Sophie. He's endlessly supportive and constantly in awe of everything you do. 

Quentin Blake B.F.G. print
B.F.G. print


Sometimes your Dad is a little awkward in social situations, but he makes up for it with his good heart and general loveliness. For Father's Day, show your appreciation with a gloriumptious B.F.G print or tote bag


B.F.G. tote bag

Mostly B: Moominpappa

Your Dad is Moominpappa, the patriarch of the Moomin series by Tove Jansson. Your father is a well known variety of Dad: he was a rebel in his youth and now loves nothing more than kicking back with a fine tipple and regaling you with adventurous anecdotes.


Tove Jansson: The Memoirs of Moominpappa


Everyone in the family has heard all his old stories, so he may also be working on his memoirs to bring them to a wider audience. This Father's Day, gift your Dad The Memoirs of Moominpappa or a nice Moominpappa mug to swill during fireside orations. 

Moominpappa Arabia Mug
Collectible Arabia Moominpappa mug

Mostly C: A Shirley Hughes Dad

Your Dad is a classic Shirley Hughes Dad. Shirley Hughes is most famous for the Alfie series, and she's also the author and illustrator of many stand-alone books, including Father's Day, a beautiful picture book about the bond between a child and their Dad.


Shirley Hughes: Father's Day
Illustration from Father's Day by Shirley Hughes


Your Dad is a down-to-earth, laid back kind of fellow. Your best memories with him are simple things like going to the park or messing about at home, which he made special just by being there. Pick up Father's Day or a print by Shirley Hughes to remind your Dad of the times you've spent together.

Alfie print by Shirley Hughes
Alfie print

Mostly D: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Your Dad is the provider in your family, and like Fantastic Mr. Fox, he'd do anything to make sure you have everything you need. He's wiley, clever, and won't let anyone stand in the way of him looking after his family.

Fantastic Mr. Fox cushion


He has the gift of the gab and loves fixing things, so you can always call on him when you're in a bind. Gift him a Fantastic Mr. Fox print or a soft cushion to rest on when he gets home from all his running around. 

Browse our full selection of Father's Day gifts here or in store. 


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