The Mouse Mansion

Welcome to the wonderful world of The Mouse Mansion! The Mouse Mansion is more than a dollhouse, it's a creative craft activity, a place for imaginative play, and a story all in one. Artist Karina Schaapman started creating the first Mouse Mansion by hand in 2008, when she wanted to illustrate a book using photographs of a real miniature world. She began making the giant mouse house out of recycled materials, and published the first Mouse Mansion book in 2011, Sam and Julia. The original Mouse Mansion is now on display in Amsterdam public library.


Mouse Mansion in Sam and Julia by Karina Schaapman
Part of the original Mouse Mansion pictured in Sam and Julia by Karina Schaapman


Now Karina and her grown-up children design kits and characters so everybody can build their very own Mouse Mansion! Karina wanted the range to have an inclusive, homely atmosphere to reflect the love and warmth in her childhood home, a haven from the discrimination her and her mother faced as Indonesian immigrants in The Netherlands. In Karina's words, "The Mouse Mansion is the world I would want every child to grow up in".


Mouse Mansion Four Room Playhouse
Example of a furnished and decorated Four Room Playhouse


How to make your own Mouse Mansion

Creating your own Mouse Mansion is very straightforward, with plenty of scope for originality and creativity. Start with The Mouse Mansion Playhouse: Set of Four Rooms. This will give you an unfurnished house, with flooring and wallpaper.


Mouse Mansion construction


Then furnish your new house in whatever way you like, choosing from furniture kits like Kids' Bedroom and Living Room kits. Each set contains paints for you to paint your own furniture. This will provide hours of fun for any children, (ages 6 and up), or adults who love crafts and interior design.


Mouse Mansion Bedroom and Living Room printed materials
Mouse Mansion Bedroom and Living Room printed accessories set


Add intricately made tiny accessories like saucepans and crockery. Achieve the full, charming, Mouse Mansion effect with sets of printed details that include books, jars, clocks, art for the walls and anything else you might need to make your house extra cosy. Use the offical Mouse Mansion craft materials to make sure your house is sturdy and tidy.



The official Mouse Mansion website has loads of tutorials and ideas on how to to use all of these kits and sets. They even have a whole channel on YouTube dedicated to Mouse Mansion crafts, what heaven!


Characters, books and extras

When you've decided how you want your Mouse Mansion to look, choose from a range of characters that will enjoy living it up in the amazing home you've created. Start your own Mouse Mansion family with Ella, Julia, Grandpa Sailor or Sam.

Mouse Mansion Grandpa Sailor

Learn about the characters and the world of Mouse Mansion from their picture books. To add to the fun, or to just dip a toe in without committing to a full mansion, check out extras like the Little Mouse Hatch and Little Mouse Door.

Mouse Mansion Living Room


The best thing about this building project is you don't need planning permission to add an extension! Mouse Mansions are designed to be reorganised and extended in whatever way you like. They really are endless fun.

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